Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nitty Gritty Old VS New - Bowman TV Sets

Last month my good friend and fellow blogger Wicked Ortega of the My Time... I Love It! blog sent me an absolutely amazing package filled with Rays cards, vintage, Larry Doby, Steve Carlton, Carl Crawford, minis, Clementes, Brian Roberts-basically everything I like. It had 11 autographed cards in it-I will post it someday soon and it will blow you away... Till then, here is a little teaser. I wasn't collecting in 2004 and never had the chance to rip any '04 Bowman Heritage. I really wish I had because I love that TV set design. Somehow I managed to not get any cards from this set in any trades up til now. Wicked sent me this Carl Crawford, card #78 and I couldn't resist posting it up against the real thing. Career wise there aren't many similarites between CC and Dave Pope. They are both left handed batting outfielders. That is about it. Pope swiped 7 bases over his 4 year career, Crawford has done that in 2 games, but no one is expecting the late Dave Pope to measure up against CC, its a comparison of cards, old vs. new. I think that Topps did a pretty good job at capturing the essence of this awesome set fifty years after. What do you think? Thanks so much to Wicked for this great card! I love this hobby!

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  1. Always enjoy read your posts with my name in them...So cool!!!