1964 Topps GIANTS Needs List

I need the following cards to complete this AMAZING oversized set: 

2 Ken Johnson
3 Sandy Koufax
4 Bob Bailey
13 Nellie Fox
15 Jim Gentile
16 Dean Chance
22 Dick Farrell
23 Albie Pearson
28 Bob Friend
29 Frank Robinson
30 Bill Freehan
38 Harmon Killebrew
41 Bob Gibson
42 Dick Stuart
45 Wayne Causey
47 Galen Cisco
48 Yaz
49 Hank Aaron
51 Willie Mays
54 Leon Wagner
56 Vada Pinson
58 Ron Santo
60 Moose Skowron

I added cards to the pile for the first time in 2 years... I AM still trying to finish this one. I REALLY like this set a lot and it so affordable comparable to picking up HOFer cards from the normal sized '64 set (which I think is one of the dullest designs ever)...

I do have a few (very few) dupes to trade if anyone else is working on this OR if you want 2 or 3 cards of a giant size to add to your diverse collection. I am hoping that someone out there can advise me on how to store or display these awesome oversized cards. I would love to find ultra pro pages in this size, but even top loaders would be awesome. I welcome guidance. Contact me if you can help...

I currently need just 25  (out of 60)  more cards to finish this set... If you can help out with any of these cards, please send me a message. Thanks for checking out my list.

This is what I have available to trade presently:

6 Ron Hunt
9 Rocky Colavito
14 Tony Gonzalez
27 Ed Brinkman
33 Pete Ward

***Created 2-20-10***
***Updated 03-25-014***