Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Nitty Gritty Catchers Card of the Day!

There is about 9 hours left to vote for the Greatest Catcher of All Time... I have a bunch of catcher cards I planned on posting, but time flies... I will leave you with this one of arguably the greatest slugger of all time, Hall of Famer Josh Gibson. This is card #23 in the 1986 Larry Fritsch Negro League Baseball Stars set. Gibson appears in this set several times. All of these cards came to me from Rod at Padrographs. I finally got them all into a binder and I will have a want list posted for this set soon. Don't forget to vote!


  1. Wow...I'm not surprised at who is leading but I'm shocked at who is in 2nd place.

  2. I think Ted Simmons is stuffing the ballot box. The great Josh Gibson is mortified.