Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mike Sadek, Card #8, New Format Unveiled!!!

Greetings loyal reader! Excitement abounds as we are through with the record breaker cards and onto the first of 639 different single player cards! Leading off for the 1978 Topps set is card #8 of Mike Sadek. I would be willing to bet that, Little League included, Mr. Sadek never led off a game in his life, so this is a somewhat peculiar person for Topps to choose to open this set, but… Mike Sadek was the San Francisco Giants backup catcher in 1977, he batted and threw right handed and enjoyed his busiest and most productive season to date in 1977. He set career marks in games (61), at bats (126), hits (29), doubles (7), RBI (15) and even hit his first career home run. He batted .230 (not a career best) in his 4th year with the Giants. He would go on to play 8 seasons in the Majors, all with San Francisco and during that time he had 7 Topps regular issue cards. He was known as a defensive catcher who called a good game, but not for his offensive at all. In 1981, when the Giants gave him his release and he retired, he had more baseball cards (7) than home runs (5). He was a mainstay on some pretty bad Giants teams and on those teams, the starting catcher changed from Dave Radar to Marc Hill to Milt May, but Mike Sadek remained old reliable, on the bench and ready to pinch hit at all times! Now onto…
The Nitty Gritty
Name/Number: Mike Sadek #3
Position: Catcher (reserve)
Team’s 1977 Record: 75-87 / .463 / 23 games back
Topps Rookie Card: 1974 Topps, #577Number of Topps Base Cards: 7
Playball! Base on balls
1977 Stats Line: .230/1/15
Awards in 1977: A job
Distinguishing Feature: batting gloves
Similar Modern Player: Jose Molina
What I said about this card then: Who?
What I think about this card now: Why?

Back of the card memorable moment: Came off the bench on 09/07/1976 to deliver a pinch hit, sacrifice bunt to move the eventual winning run over.
Back of the card “fun fact”: Mike is an exceptional bunter.
The condition: Near mint. Perfectly centered, 3 sharp corners, 1 dinged a little.
Grooviness factor: Nothing. Mike had a reputation as being one of the worst and loudest dressers in baseball and there is nothing outwardly groovy about this card.
Wow! Factor: That he lasted so long in major league baseball.
Whats weird about this card: The empty seats…
Career Accolades: 5 home runs.
Where are they now?: Your guess is as good as mine.
Well, this is the new template. Will it get better? I hope so. Doug DeCinces is on deck, so look out! 31 years, LATER!

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