Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

I have literally been working on this set for over 30 years! Granted I took a decade or two off, but it is nearly done and I am lovin' it! The hair, the uniforms, the names, the mutton chops-the 70's were so bad, but oh so good! If you have seen my other blog, The Collective Troll, you know that I have been boring my readers (both of them) while gushing on and on about this awesome set. The 1978 Topps Baseball set is far too awesome to be just an occasional topic on another blog-no, it demands more attention than that. I will begin this journey on Wednesday 10/21/2009 (or maybe sooner) and I will cover 5 cards a week for the next 3 years until all 726 cards have been given their proper attention. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!!!!!


  1. This is going to rock! Have a good time with this one. :)

  2. Can't wait to read this. If you like, check out my blog about getting the 1977 OPC baseball set signed. I'm also working on getting as many 78 OPC's signed as possible as well

  3. Thanks for adding me. Just started this blog, like yours it is a work in progress....