Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Nitty Gritty Card of the Night!

Before Mr. October became Mr. October he was just plain old Reginald M. Jackson or Reggie for short. Reggie had an amazing year in 1969 when he was an All Star led the league in slugging percentage and runs scored and hit 47 homers and drove in 118. The following year the only categories he would pace the league in were caught stealing and strikeouts. It looked like ’69 might have been a fluke. Obviously it wasn’t. Jackson is and will always be Mr. October. He has 4 World Series rings, 18 postseason homers and a plaque on the wall in Cooperstown. Still, none of that was certain just yet when this card was printed. After seeing the amazing Thurman Munson card from this same set on the Night Owl’s blog, I decided to counter by making card #20 from the 1971 set the Nitty Gritty card of the Day. There is just something I like about this card. Something innocent, uncertain, classy and cool about this one. Can’t put my finger on it… Thanks for reading! 39 years LATER!


  1. I do like this card quite a bit. It didn't stand a chance in the "Best of the '70s" Reggie voting a few months ago. Too much competition. But it's a good before-the-hype Reggie card.

  2. That is a great card. He doesn't seem to exhude the cockiness he would later in his career. Great choice for card o' the day.