Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Card of the Day! 1975 Shakey's Pizza Ted Williams

Shakey’s Pizza was founded in 1954 in Sacremento, California. About 20 years later the restaurant began producing baseball legends sets of cards. According to what I have found, this card is from 1975 and was around the time that Shakey’s got involved in baseball card game. This card features the Splendid Splinter and is in perfect condition. It isn’t from his playing days, but it is still a 35-year-old card of the best hitter ever. It might be up for trade, it might not be… I LOVE odd ball cards and I want to chase every set I discover, but I can't collect all of them. Make me an offer!


  1. Shakey's Pizza gives me major flashbacks to when I was a kid. It was a popular pizza place when I was little, and there was one next to the Dairy Queen. I always wanted to go to Shakey's, but my parents wouldn't let us, and went to Dairy Queen instead. It was Dairy Queen, so I didn't argue much.

    Great card.

  2. They don't have Shakey's where I live - I used to think it was something made up for South Park.