Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nitty Gritty Old Versus New

The Nitty Gritty lives!!! Sorry for the lack of posts... I am on the last day of a 72 hour work week.. Busy busy. No time for any thoughts on these cards, so I will leave that up to you the reader. The card(s) of the day are #298 of Jim Golden from 1961 Topps and the modern version, card #298 of Wade Davis from 2010 Heritage. The Golden card looks more like a Chicle painting to me. Apparently he was a hot prospect on the Dodgers farm. He won 2 games for the Dodgers over two seasons before being picked by the Colt 45s in the expansion draft. Golden was 7-11 in Houston in 1962. His MLB career lasted parts of 4 seasons. For his career he was 9-13 with 5 complete games and 2 shutouts. He was also twice traded for Hall of Famers-Nellie Fox and Sparky Anderson. Golden's modern day twin is Wade Davis of the Tampa Bay Rays. Davis is 5-6 for the Rays so far this year. Thats all the time we have folks, thanks for reading! I have 56 1961 Topps cards, so that means about 50 more of these posts as soon as I get the 2010 version. I am not going to collect this set, so any card I post is up for trade for a card from my '65 Topps list. I love this hobby! 49 years LATER!

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  1. Golden looks serious, but Davis looks slightly ticked off. I still have to give the edge to the '61. I'm still getting caught up on commenting on posts that were put up while I was away. Keep 'em coming.