Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wicked Card of the Day!

It has been a LONG time since a post over here, but I am going to roll right into it... This card didn't come from the Wicked One, but it is a card of a mutual favorite player of ours. Wicked Ortega and I are both Latino bloggers who live in Florida. 3 big things we have in common. I am Mexican and he is Cuban and being Cuban he collects cards of Cuban players. In the 1960's there were a number of great players from the island in the big leagues. Minnie Minoso, Tony Oliva, Tony Perez, Mike Cuellar, Luis Tiant and Bert Campaneris to name a few. Another player from Cuba who both Wicked and I collect is former outfielder and father of my favorite player of all time, Jose Tartabull. He is the focus of today's card of the day, card #56 from 1967 Topps baseball showing him on the Boston Red Sox who took the AL Pennant in 1967. The Bo Sox' outfield was tight in '67. Yaz in left, Reggie Smith in center and young Tony Conigliaro in right. Tony C actually shared time with Hawk Harrelson and Tartabull. Actually Tartabull played all 3 outfield positions that year, coming in often as a late inning defensive replacement or pinch runner. His most famous moment came at the end of the 1967 season when he gunned Ken Berry down at the plate with a perfect throw during the stretch run that year. The Red Sox won that game and ultimately won the AL Flag. I got into the elder Tartabull after collecting Danny. Jose Tartabull was never an All Star and never really played full-time in the majors, but he was still a remarkable fielder, a great baserunner and an important part of baseball history. I just picked up a heap of vintage cards, so I hope to do a lot of quick posts here in the coming days and weeks. Go Rays! 43 years LATER.


  1. Well, I wouldn't say that Conigliaro shared right field with Tartabull and Harrelson. Except for the period from 5/15-6/2 (when Conigliaro wasn't in the lineup, possibly due to an injury), he started almost every game in right field until his late-August beaning.

    Harrelson was acquired by the Red Sox a week later to fill in for Conigliaro in RF.

  2. Nice to see some sweet vintage back and you doing the writeup!